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If you’ve been following my journey over the years, you’ll know that I’ve been an avid Bitcoin supporter. From first learning about it in 2013, to increasing my support from 2015, following the split through to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 2017, and finally to Bitcoin (BSV) in 2018.

Throughout the decade, I followed (what I felt) was the real vision for Bitcoin — truth, transparency, and accountability on a global scale.

As such, I thought I’d take a moment to share my thoughts on some recent developments in the Bitcoin space, as it’s been a while since I have.

Bitcoin attracts different ideologies


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Singapore, 3 Nov — Hona Pte Ltd (“Honā”) is excited to announce that it has successfully secured its first investment from Draper University Ventures, after winning first place in Draper University’s Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship pitching event in August. The funds will be used to support the app development of Honā: an accountability platform for remote workers leveraging behavioral economics and blockchain technology.

The new investment will enable Honā to accelerate its mission to improve accountability in the world, one commitment at a time, starting first with remote workers seeking improved productivity and motivation.

George Siosi Samuels, founder of Honā, shares:

Was doing some research on Zoroastrianism and Taoism recently, then had an “epiphany” around what they teach us about the trouble with equality struggles in today’s day and age.

Essentially, Zoroastrianism looks at duality as a constant battle between good and evil. While Taoism looks at dualism as something to be accepted, acknowledged, and harmonized.

“A balance of forces does not necessarily mean equal quantities.”

This can seem somewhat paradoxical, but not if you study or meditate on the simple symbol of the yin-yang.

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What are you thoughts on the modern fight for equality in today’s day and age? Do you believe in equal opportunity, equal outcomes, or something else entirely?

In this episode of the It Will Come Show, we explore the correlations between Gold, Silver & Bitcoin in regards to the “New Normal” that will emerge post COVID and Recession.

Everything is connected. A new world will come.

To view other episodes, please visit the Youtube channel here.

The Draper University Story

In 2012, Draper University was founded by Venture Capitalist Tim Draper to provide education globally for entrepreneurs in a non-traditional way. The mission was to inspire people and accelerate ideas by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit globally.

Draper U became a melting pot for diverse-minded individuals excited to learn from top leaders in Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs are taught leadership and how to apply it to all facets of life, in addition to more fundamental skills such as finance, fundraising, and marketing. …

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Photo © 2007 Juriaan Booij

Tuvalu, a small island atoll in the South Pacific, is at risk of sinking if sea levels continue to rise. With foreign aid and climate talks taking up most of its attention between 2010–2020, a unique opportunity relating to its .tv ownership may pave a path for its own salvation.

Recently, I came across an article about Tuvalu “cashing in” on .tv thanks to popular streaming platform, Twitch. As someone with Tuvaluan ancestry, it got me thinking. …

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Source image courtesy of Unsplash. Blog copied from our company website here.

As trust and transparency become greater hallmarks of our increasingly globalized society — have a read of this article on Blockchain, Bitcoin & The Age of Aquarius — we will start to see more shifts in what constitutes “success” for business. Bitcoin, as we’ve said multiple times before, has a vision that truly transcends much of what exists in the marketplace. It seeks to be honest money (via an immutable public ledger that solves the infamous double-spend problem) to pave the way for more honest business, governance, and usage. …

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SINGAPORE, Singapore, August 22, 2019 — Faiabrand Pte Ltd. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce its latest collaborator and client: HandCash.

HandCash is a popular mobile-based Bitcoin (BSV) wallet that makes it as easy for users to send Bitcoin to someone as if they were handing cash. The founders, Alex Agut and Rafael Jimenez Seibane, like to describe it as the “Bitcoin wallet you can recommend.” According to the founders, HandCash was originally inspired by the Netflix series Black Mirror.

Since its inception in June, 2018, HandCash has grown from strength to strength in terms of user adoption within the…

In this episode, we sit down with Rico Pang, Founder & CEO of Sanctum Pte Ltd. We discuss his journey into blockchain and crypto, building businesses through family offices, and how Chinese entrepreneurs think vs Western entrepreneurs.

Download podcast below:

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Photo by Rachel Pfuetzner on Unsplash

What does it mean to be an “entrepreneur without borders?” Inspired by the world-renown non-profit, Doctors Without Borders, Tribe Theory decided to put on a 1-month video competition encouraging entrepreneurs to record a video answering the same question. As a reward, the winning entry would receive 3 nights free accommodation at any Tribe Theory site of their choosing.

Entrepreneurs without borders are essentially global business travelers who don’t experience borders so much geographically. Crossing mental borders seem to be a lot more “top of mind” for them versus physical.

Authentic Participation

As we know, online communities are all about content and engagement…

George Siosi Samuels

Founder of Faiā 🔥 Bridging Communities & Tech

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