A Letter To Those Feeling Alone, Lost or Unloved

The following text is taken from a Facebook post of mine, which was inspired by the recent passing of my Aunty (and second mother) Harrah Helen Haywood. I thought long and hard about whether to make it public – but it felt right, and so here it is.

The passing of my beloved Aunty Harah, who took her own life January 18, 2019, has left a deep impression on me. One that makes me question why and how people can go through with certain acts, even when everything leading up to can paint a vastly different story. And to know that so many people are suffering around the world because they have lost hope/faith/belief in either themselves or anything more than a mere existence.

Every person I have lost in my life, has only served to fuel for my fire. Some people have asked, “how do you stay so positive” or “how do you keep going?” I don’t know for sure, but it might have to do with being blessed with a supportive family of women, my zodiac (Leo) which symbolizes the sun, and lessons from those who’ve passed about the importance of “never giving up.”

“It will come.”

With each passing of someone close to me, these words become more and more significant. They hold more and more weight. These three words are what get me up out of any slump I experience. And yes, I DO get down sometimes. But these three words, passed down by my great grandfather, always seem to remind me to be grateful for what I have, to remember where I’ve come from, and to keep striving for LIFE. That there is something greater for me to do on this planet, and I need to keep going no matter how long it takes.

We may not always see the end of the tunnel, but faith or belief in that “light at the end of the tunnel” can be incredibly important. Maybe now more than ever, as we have increasingly secular and/or scientific-based societies (sometimes void of anything beyond the physical senses).

As much as organised religions proved to have demons of their own, religion also gave many people faith and belief in something. Maybe that was the point. Not to just follow the charismatic leaders, written texts, or even rituals, but for what those things should ignite within us. Our own inner flame. An unshakeable confidence or belief to get up and go when the going gets tough. Something I see so many people lacking…

I left for Singapore because each person that passed in my life, or that I had to let go of, reminded me that the only life worth living is one that is lit on fire – a fire of passion for life. It is not religious, nor is it necessarily spiritual. It just is. It is the fire of life. A one we so desperately need when we feel like darkness may be all that’s left.

Too many people’s fires are dwindling – whether it be from feelings of loneliness, depression or suicide – and I feel compelled to show others (by my own example) how to keep it lit no matter what. It just pains me too much to see people suffer from feeling alone or unwanted in life. What is the point then? A mere existence is not enough.

Perhaps my mission in life involves lighting that fire within everyone. How? I do not know yet. But, as I always say, #itwillcome.

To every person feeling down, out, or alone. You are not alone. You are loved beyond measure. Find it within you to see this truth, because you must. Life is meant to be lived, and lived to the fullest. To Aunty Harrah, I love you. Thank you for loving me and everyone else whose life you touched. Rest peacefully now mom.




I help people find their way in business and life. Exploring and navigating all things meta — from meta-communities, to metaphysics, to the metaverse.

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George Siosi Samuels

George Siosi Samuels

I help people find their way in business and life. Exploring and navigating all things meta — from meta-communities, to metaphysics, to the metaverse.

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